Denjet Water Blasters CE20 – 500

CE20 is a series of electrical driven high-pressure water-blasters from 200 to 500 Bar and 16 to 38 L/min in flow capacity. The standard machine are with pneumatic rear wheels with parking brake, castor front wheel. The “Slim version” is narrower and has solid rear wheels with parking brake instead. The frames are made up in hot-dip galvanized and powder coated pressed sheet metal parts with all enclosing side frames in stainless steel. The standard model with pneumatic tyres measures 1060 x 760mm. The “Slim” model are 1060 x 500mm. Both are 850mm high. The standard and slim versions share all other specifications.


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50Hz 60Hz
Model Pressure Flow Pressure Flow
CE20-200 200 bar 38 lpm 170 bar 45 lpm
CE20-280 280 bar 26 lpm 250 bar 32 lpm
CE20-350 350 bar 18 lpm 350 bar 23 lpm
CE20-400 400 bar 20 lpm
CE20-500 500 bar 16 lpm 500 bar 16 lpm


General specifications
Engine power 20 Hp
Dimensions 950mm x 760mm x 850 mm
Weight 170 kg
Slim dimensions 950mm x 500mm x 850 mm
Slim weight 170 kg


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