QAP125H Electric Horn, Wall Mount Type

  • Signal sound diffusing structure with wall mount supports 30 Built-in sounds and 30 user defined sounds
  • Volume control and tone selector switches are installed inside the unit
  • User has the ability to enter voice tones directly into the unit via MP3 files from the SDcard
  • This product has 30 Built-in sounds via binary input mode or bit input mode
  • Binary input mode allows the user to select from 30 different sound options with the tone selection switch
  • Bit input mode is organized into 6 groups of 5 sound tones for a total of 30 sound tone options. Playback can be selected from one of the 5 tones in each group (MP3 file with bit input mode)
  • Supports both SDcard and MP3
  • Materials : Housing-ABS, Resonance chamber-ABS
  • Ambient operating temperature : -25°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating : IP65
  • Compliant with RoHS directive


QAP125H DC12V-24V Max. 0.800A • Bit Input : 5Ch
• Binary Input : 30Ch
• Warning sounds : Max. 115dB
• MP3 : Max. 100dB
AC110V-220V Max. 0.290A 0.73kg


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