QBOX-S Water Protection Box

Water Protection Box 

Protection sturucture :

  • With the material of Bronze Die Cast housing, this item provides long mechanical lifespan and excellent corrosion resistance
  • Having water-proof sturucture of Neoprenn gasket, this item provides a high sealed quality and excellent safety
  • Water-proof type, Dust-proof type
  • Suitable for marine deck machine, heavy industrial machine, outdoor plant equipment
  • Protection class : IP67


Product Specification

Protection Class
Mechanical Lifespan
Electrical Lifespan
Allowable Operating Frequency Mechanical
Insulation Resistance
Contact Resistance
withstand voltage between non-continuous terminal
between each terminal and non-conducting metal part
shock resistance durability
ambient operating-temperature range
ambient operating-humidity range


rated voltage
non-inductive load
inductive load(A)
resistance load lamp load inductive load motor load
normal shut normal open normal shut normal open normal shut normal open normal shut normal open
Inrush Current normal shut
normal shut
Ambient Operating-temperature Range
Ambient Operating-humidity Range



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