S180UHS (Ø180mm) Hyper Brightness Xenon Lamp Strobe Signal Light

Super Bright Strobe Light, Excellent Visibility from a Distance and Long Durability

External Diameter :
Height :
Voltage :
  • Super bright xenon lamp strobe light
  • Improving visibility from a distance by applying 3 super bright xenon lamps
  • Lamp of connector type whose replacement is easy
  • Buzzer is applicable
  • Volume(Buzzer Built-in Type) : Max 90dB/m (2 Buzzer Sound type is custom made)
  • PCD : Ø140mm (PCD Φ120mm is custom made)
  • Material : Lens-ABS, Body-ABS
  • Protection Class : IP44
  • Model S180UHS is equipped with 3 super bright xenon lamps, enhancing visibility from a ddistance. It can show high performance in foggy ports and dusty flour plants and iron mills. Even in case that one of the 3 lamps fails, the others work normally. Therefore, the product can be safely used at the places where no malfunction of signal performance is allowed even one time.



Product Specification

Model Rated Voltage Current Weight Bulb Flashes Color
           S180UHS     DC12V     2.277A     1.27Kg        49   60~80/min     R-Red
    DC24V     1.055A     1.27Kg
    AC110V     0.711A     1.08Kg
    AC220V     0.4222     1.08Kg


  • Power Line out from the product UL1015-NO.18 (0.75sq)x2C 400mm
  • In case of DC voltage product, Black line is Negative(-).

Available Specification

S180UHS (BZ) 24 A
Model Buzzer Voltage Color
                 S180UHS                None(Standard)
               -Without Buzzer
               -With Buzzer



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