S80S (Ø80mm) Xenon Lamp Strobe Light

Strobe Light of High Brightness, Excellent Visibility from a Distance

  • Xenon lamp with powerful strobe signal, making easy signal catching from a distance
  • Lamp of connector type whose replacement is easy
  • Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS
  • Certificate : CE
  • Protection Class : IP54


Product Specification

Model Rated Voltage Current Weight Bulb Flashes Color
              S80S     DC12V    0.433A     0.22Kg        47   60~80/min.     R-Red
    DC24V    0.216A     0.22Kg
    AC110V     0.076A     0.20Kg
    AC220V     0.061A     0.20Kg


  • Power Line out from the product : UL1015-NO.18(0.75sq)x2C 400mm
  • Wiring Power Line

AC Product : Wire regardless of cable color
DC Product : Black line is Negative(-), But, wire without polarity because bridge circuit is built-in

Available Specification

S80S 220 G
Model Voltage Color
                           S80S                        12-DC12V



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