STB45ML-Ex Non Sparking Explosion Proof LED Tower Lights

  • Non- sparking explosion protected high-intensity LED steady tower lights
  • Excellent distance visibility by using a special reflector to arrogate the light from the LED filament
  • Reduced maintenance with use of long-lasting LED light source
  • Lens and housing are made of polycarbonate with excellent durability, suitable for potentially hazardous and explosive environments
  • Can be used for Zone 2 application with explosion proof rating of nR
    * Zone2 : Equipment is capable of operating under abnormal high risk environmental conditions for a short duration
  • Sound volume adjustable by volume control lever
  • Sound volume : Max. 80dB at 1m
  • Materials : Lens-PC, Housing-PC, Mounting housing-Al
  • Certificates : NEPSI, KCs(KGS)
  • Explosion protection rating: Ex nRⅡT4, Ex nRⅡT6(Layer 2, Layer 3 Only)
  • Protection rating : IP54
  • Ambient operating temperature : -20°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +50°C


Model number Layer Voltage Current Certificate Weight Color
STB45ML-Ex 1 AC/DC12V 0.040A
0.26kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.043A 0.26kg
2 AC/DC12V 0.064A 0.30kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.055A 0.30kg
3 AC/DC12V 0.088A 0.34kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.067A 0.34kg
4 AC/DC12V 0.112A 0.38kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.079A 0.38kg
5 AC/DC12V 0.136A 0.42kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.091A 0.42kg


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