Brother Black on White HSE Heat Shrink Tube (1.5 meters)

Why buy from a Brother Authorised Reseller?

At times, unauthorised sellers may sell counterfeit goods to deceive unsuspecting buyers. These counterfeit items can damage and shorten the lifespan of your labellers. While the counterfeit tapes may be slightly cheaper than the originals, the cost of replacing your labellers, when damaged, will be much higher. We would, hence, advise our customers to purchase from Brother Authorised resellers, where each labelling tape consumable or accessory is affixed with a genuine security sticker to safeguard against counterfeiting.

Product Description

Brother Black on White Heat Shrink Tube:

  • Comes in widths of 5.8mm, 8.8mm, 11.7mm, 17.7mm and 23.6mm
  • Suitable for permanently identifying cables, fibres and cables.
  • The tube is suitable for warm environments

Directions of Use

Place the printed tube over a cable and simply heat it with a heat gun. This allows the tube to shrink down and grip the cable tightly. No adhesive is required.


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