QT70ML-W (Ø70mm) LED Tower Lights with Sounder

  • QT series tower light is a multifunctional product that allows for significant customization to your specific needs using our special modular components such as the lens, buzzer, ethernet cord, USB cord and mounting brackets. Additional tools are not required for assembly
  • All modular components can be arranged freely to the user desired position (upper/ lower) except for the dial tone lever
  • Consist of LED module, base module and sounder module
  • Buzzer modules position can be chosen freely
  • Can select from a variety of LED light functions
  • Material : Lens-PC, Housing-ABS
  • Ambient operating temperature : -30°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating : IP54


Model number Layer Built-in Sound Voltage Current Certificates Weight Color
1 WS-5 Warning sounds
WM-5 Melodies
WA-5 Alarms
(Max. 85dB)
DC12V 0.400A 0.37kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.260A 0.37kg
2 DC12V 0.520A 0.44kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.320A 0.44kg
3 DC12V 0.640A 0.54kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.380A 0.54kg
4 DC12V 0.760A 0.59kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.440A 0.59kg


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