S80HLS LED Strobe Light for Heavy Equipment

LED Strobe Light Emitting Strong Signal Light, A Special Structure of Absorbing Impact & Shock

External Diameter :
Height :
Voltage :
  • Suitable for signal transmission of agricultural machine and heavy equipment which has strong vibration and external impact
  • High brightness LED product and having semi-permanent lifespan and excellent visibility
  • Emitting strong signal light even under daytime.
  • Material : Body-ABS, Lens-PC, Bracket-Steel
  • Protection Class : IP65



Product Specification

Model Rated Voltage Current Weight Flashes Color
               S80HLS       DC12V       0.500A        0.350Kg    60~80/min        R-Red
      DC24V       0.300A


  • Power Line out from the product : KCS3304(0.85Sq×2c) 400mm
  • DC exclusive use. Black line is Negative(-).
    (+) Terminal : Treat with CA104 connector
    (-) Terminal : Treat with CB104 connector

Available Specification

S80HLS 24 G
Model Voltage Color
                         S80HLS                        12-DC12V



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