SANA400 Air Horns for Vessels and Heavy Industrial Applications

Light & Economical Air Horn Made of PC

External Diameter :
Height :
Voltage :
  • Generating high volume sound of 400~600Hz frequency from diaphragm by using compressed air and suitable for CO2 warning system and calling system for machine trouble.
  • Adopt special polycarbonate as material and it solves the corrosion problem and is strong against internal impact.
  • Using a special material which consume small quantity of compressed air and has long durability.
  • In case of using in a small place, it can be equipped with a reducing valve to control sound pressure.
  • Volume :  MAX. 130dB/m
  • Frequency : 400 ~ 600Hz
  • Horn Diameter : Ø110(External Diameter) x 193(Length)
  • Standard Color : R(Red), A(Amber), B(Blue
  • Material(Horn) : ABS
  • Materialo(Solenoid Valve Box) : ABS
  • Protection Class : IP56


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  • Power Entry Standard : PF 3/4 


  • AC Product : Wire without polarity
  • DC Product : Black line connected to the terminal plate is Negative(-)

Available Specification

SANA400 220 R
Model Voltage Color
                      SANA400                        24-DC24V
  • Horn and valve box can be installed separately from each other and can order only one part(Horn or Valve Box).
  • Explosion-proof solenoid valve box is custom made.




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