QWTD Wall Mount LED Signal Tower with Built-in Siren

  • Wall mount model that minimizes the chance of damage from moving obstacles or personnel
  • 5 selectable sound pattern combinations(5 warning sounds, 5 special warning sounds, 5 melodies, 5 alarms)
  • Selectable between steady/flashing mode with proper wire arrangement
  • Standard color arrangements
    1 Layer :  R-Red
    2 Layers :  R-Red  G-Green
    3 Layers :  R-Red  A-Amber  G-Green
    4 Layers :  R-Red  A-Amber  G-Green  B-Blue
    5 Layers :  R-Red  A-Amber  G-Green  B-Blue  W-White
  • Available for customized color arrangements
  • Built-in siren sound volume (Max. 85dB at 1m)
  • Materials : Lens-PC, Cover-ABS, Case-ABS
  • Ambient operating temperature : -30°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating : IP54
  • Certificates : CE Compliant
  • Compliant with RoHS directive


Model number Layer Voltage Current Certificates Weight Color

Steady/ Flashing

1 AC/DC12V 0.065A 0.14kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.050A 0.14kg
AC110V-220V Max. 0.025A 0.27kg
2 AC/DC12V 0.130A 0.18kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.050A 0.18kg
AC110V-220V Max. 0.050A 0.32kg
3 AC/DC12V 0.195A 0.23kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.150A 0.23kg
AC110V-220V Max. 0.075A 0.36kg
4 AC/DC12V 0.260A 0.27kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.200A 0.27kg
AC110V-220V Max. 0.100A 0.41kg
5 AC/DC12V 0.325A 0.32kg  R-Red
AC/DC24V 0.250A 0.32kg
AC110V-220V Max. 0.125A 0.45kg


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