STNDL LED Steady/Flashing Lights & Electric Horn

  • Combination of warning light and horn allows transmission of both visual and audible signals together
  • Appropriate sound tones can be chosen depending on the various working environments among the various type of available sound tones
  • Sound tone selector and volume controller in front of the device allows convenient use
  • SDcard type allows user defined sound tone
  • Built-in 30 sound tones, support binary and bit input modes
  • Bit input mode consists of 5 sound types with 6 groups. Choose one of the groups to play 5 sounds from that group.(MP3 is separate from the 6 groups)
  • Materials : Lens-AS, Housing-ABS, Reflector-Heat resistant ABS
  • Lens colors are interchangeable
  • Ambient operating temperature -30°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating : IP54
  • Certificates : CE Compliant
  • Compliant with RoHS directive


Model number layer Voltage Current Sound Pattern and Volume Certificates Weight Color


1 DC12V 0.610A •WS-Warning sound
•WP-Special warning sound 1st group
•WA- Alarm
•WO-Special warning sound 2nd group
•WN-Special warning sound 3rd group
•SD Card-MP3 Volume : 105dB

•Bit Input : 5Ch
•Binary Input : 30Ch
•Warning sound : 105dB
•MP3 : 98dB

DC24V 0.330A
AC110V 0.154A
AC220V 0.087A
2 DC12V 0.770A DC-1.43kg
DC24V 0.410A
AC110V 0.162A
AC220V 0.092A
3 DC12V 0.930A DC-1.67kg
DC24V 0.490A
AC110V 0.171A
AC220V 0.096A
4 DC12V 1.090A DC-1.91kg
DC24V 0.570A
AC110V 0.182A
AC220V 0.102A
5 DC12V 1.250A DC-2.15kg
DC24V 0.650A
AC110V 1.078A
AC220V 0.520A


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