SAOL1 Low Intensity LED Aviation Obstruction Light


  • Low intensity A type aviation obstruction lights are installed onto fixed objects that are less than 150m from the land or water surface
  • LED light bulbs with increased lifetime decreases the replacement cost of the light source (LED lasts 25 times longer than a standard lamp bulb)
  • Excellent durability from a selection of a polycarbonate or an aluminum housing structure
  • Built-in SUN switch available upon request which activates a system that automatically operates the product when darkness is detected
  • Applied on tall structures for collision avoidance measures and airport runway safety



ICAO standard Low intensity A type
Light color High intensity light emtting diodes(LED)
Light color Red
Light function Steady
Rated voltage DC12V, DC24V, AC110V, AC220V
Power Consumption 20W
Standard housing color Black Cable entry Ø20
Materials Lens-PC, Housing-PC, Lens ring-STS316L, Pole-AL, Bracket-AL
Protection rating IP56 Ambient operating temperature -30℃ to +50℃
Certificates ICAO compliant Luminous intensity 17cd ±25%


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