Brother Laminated TZe Tape (8 Meters)

Why buy from a Brother Authorised Reseller?

At times, unauthorised sellers may sell counterfeit goods to deceive unsuspecting buyers. These counterfeit items can damage and shorten the lifespan of your labellers. While the counterfeit tapes may be slightly cheaper than the originals, the cost of replacing your labellers, when damaged, will be much higher. We would, hence, advise our customers to purchase from Brother Authorised resellers, where each labelling tape consumable or accessory is affixed with a genuine security sticker to safeguard against counterfeiting.

Product Description

Brother TZe standard laminated tapes offer the widest variety of color, styles, and sizes for your everyday home, home office, and general business office needs. These adhesive labels feature our standard adhesive, which is designed for flat surfaces like office paper, file folders, and binders, and also most flat, non-textured metal, plastic, and glass surfaces. They withstand water, grease, or grime — the laminates surface wipes clean and resists fading and abrasion. These laminated labels can also be used in hot and cold environments, as well as outdoors.


Available options
Product Code Tape Width (mm) Tape Color Text Color
TZE-111 6 Clear Black
TZE-121 9 Clear Black
TZE-131 12 Clear Black
TZE-132 12 Clear Red
TZE-133 12 Clear Blue
TZE-135 12 Clear White
TZE-141 18 Clear Black
TZE-151 24 Clear Black
TZE-161 36 Clear Black
TZE-211 6 White Black
TZE-221 9 White Black
TZE-222 9 White Red
TZE-223 9 White Blue
TZE-231 12 White Black
TZE-232 12 White Red
TZE-233 12 White Blue
TZE-241 18 White Black
TZE-242 18 White Red
TZE-243 18 White Blue
TZE-251 24 White Black
TZE-252 24 White Red
TZE-253 24 White Blue
TZE-261 36 White Black
TZE-262 36 White Red
TZE-263 36 White Blue
TZE-315 6 Black White
TZE-325 9 Black White
TZE-334 12 Black Gold
TZE-335 12 Black White
TZE-344 18 Black Gold
TZE-345 18 Black White
TZE-354 24 Black Gold
TZE-355 24 Black White
TZE-421 9 Red Black
TZE-431 12 Red Black
TZE-435 12 Red White
TZE-441 18 Red Black
TZE-451 24 Red Black
TZE-461 36 Red Black
TZE-521 9 Blue Black
TZE-531 12 Blue Black
TZE-535 12 Blue White
TZE-541 18 Blue Black
TZE-551 24 Blue Black
TZE-555 24 Blue White
TZE-561 36 Blue Black
TZE-611 6 Yellow Black
TZE-621 9 Yellow Black
TZE-631 12 Yellow Black
TZE-641 18 Yellow Black
TZE-651 24 Yellow Black
TZE-661 36 Yellow Black
TZE-721 9 Green Black
TZE-731 12 Green Black
TZE-741 18 Green Black
TZE-751 24 Green Black


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