S180U (Ø180mm) Bulb Revolving Warning Light

Large Size Warning Light Emitting Strong Light by Both-Sided Reflector

External Diameter :
Height :
Voltage :
  • Employing a special power transmission system minimizing noise and wear
  • AC Voltage Product has built-in switch for selection of 110V/220V
  • Speed volume controller is built-in
  • Revolving Speed : 120~140RPM
  • Radiating strong light by employing large both-sided reflector
  • Buzzer is applicable
  • Volume(Buzzer built-in Type) : Max 90dB/m (2 Buzzer Sound Type is custom made)
  • PCD : Ø140mm (PCD Φ120mm is custom made)
  • Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS, Reflector-PC
  • Protection Class : IP44



Product Specification

Model Rated Voltage Current Bulb Weight Color
              S180U     DC12V     3.077A     12V35W    RP35 15S 29    0.98Kg     R-Red
    DC24V     1.544A     24V35W    RP35 15S 30    0.98Kg
    AC110V     0.388A     12V35W    RP35 15S 29    1.79Kg
    AC220V     0.194A     12V35W    RP3515S 29    1.79Kg


  • Power Line out from the product UL1015-NO.18 (0.75sq)x2C 400mm
  • In case of DC voltage product, Black line is Negative(-).

Available Specification

S180U (BZ) 220 A
Model Buzzer Voltage Color
                   S180U                 None(Standard)
                -Without Buzzer
                -With Buzzer



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