SMCL80 Multiple Colors LED Steady/Flashing Signal Light

Transmit 2~3 Colors Signal by Using 1 Signal Light

External Diameter :
Height :
Voltage :
  • Economical product that can transmit 2 to 3 colors signal by using 1 signal light
  • Ensuring high visibility from a distance by employing special reflector that effectively accumulates LED light and emits a concentrated signal light like it in filament
  • Employing a special filter that considerably improves the main disadvantage of LED, low visibility at a bright place
  • Standard Color ( R-Red   A-Amber ,  G-Green)
    2 Colors :   R-Red    G-Green
    3 Colors :   R-Red   A-Amber  G-Green
  • Flashes : 60~80/min.
  • Volume(Buzzer Built-in Type) : 90dB/m (2 Buzzer Sound Type is custom made)
  • Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS, Reflector-Heat Resistant ABS
  • Certificate : CE
  • Protection Class : IP44



Product Specification

Model Rated Voltage Current Weight Color
                    SMCL80         DC12V         0.333A         0.21Kg         R-Red
        DC24V         0.333A         0.21Kg
        AC110V         0.066A         0.37Kg         R-Red
        AC220V         0.033A         0.37Kg


  • Power Line out from the product : UL1015-NO.18(0.75sq) x 2c 400mm
    AC Product : Wire regardless of cable color
    DC Product : Black line is Negative(-). But, wire without polarity because bridge circuit is        built-in
  • Signal Light out from the product : UL1007-NO.22 (0.3sq) 400mm

Sound Tone Combination of Standard Product

Main Built-in Sounds Sound Tone Volume
1 Buzzer Sound High Expansion Foam Release (PI~ Continuous) MAX 90dB
2 Buzzer Sounds High Expansion Foam Release (PI~ Continuous)
Machinery Fault (PI-PI-PI-PI Short Interval)
MAX 90dB

Available Specification

SMCL80 (BZ) 3 220 RAG
Model Buzzer No. of Color Voltage Color
          SMCL80         None(Standard)

-With Buzzer

           2-2 Colors
3-3 Colors


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