S80RK (Ø80mm) Bulb Revolving Warning Light

Bulb Revolving Warning Light. Equipped with Circular Mounting Bracket

  • Employing a special power transmission system minimizing noise and wear (Patent No. : 20-0439536)
  • Easy to install with the circular mounting bracket equipped
  • Revolving Speed  : 120~140RPM
  • Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS, Reflector-Heat Resistant ABS
  • Certificate : CE
  • Protection Class : IP44


Product Specification

Model Rated Voltage Current Bulb Weight Color
            S80RK    DC12V    0.484A  12V5W    T16x35 15S 5    0.46Kg    R-Red
   DC24V    0.310A  24V5W    T16x35 15S 6    0.46Kg
   AC110V    0.080A  12V5W    T16x35 15S 5    0.64Kg
   AC220V    0.040A  12V5W    T16x35 15S 5    0.64Kg


  • Power Line out from the product : UL1015-NO.18(0.75sq)x2C 400mm
  • DC Product : Black line is Negative(-)

AC110V/AC220V Dual Voltage available Product (Custom made)

  • Power Line out from the product : UL1015-NO.18(0.75sq)x3C 400mm
  • AC110V  : Wire black-white line
  • AC220V  : Wire black-red line

Available Specification

S80RK 24 R
Model Voltage Color
                          S80RK                          12-DC12V



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