QJCD-P3L Multicolor LED Heavy Duty Warning Light with Horn

New concept polycarbonate(PG-GF30) Housing product for vessel and heavy duty

External Diameter : Ø125

Height : 300mm

  • The product can transmit 2 ~ 3 colors signal by only one signal light
  • LED Steady/Flashing signal light and Horn are designed as intergral structure
  • Transmit visual and audible signal at the same time
  • Excellent durability and corrosion proof, as the lightweight product of Polycarbonate(PC-GF30) Housing
  • Suitable for areas like vessel and shipayrd where moisture or salt permanently exists, for places like iron and steel mill whose work environment is bad and for ourdoor crane etc
  • Easy to install and maintain by employing separate terminal box and substance box for signal sound control
  • Both wall and self-standing bracket will be supplied and can install according to user’s purpose
  • Built-in the selection switch for sound tone
  • Built-in the selection switch for LED color and steady/flashing
  • Material : Lens, Body, Horn Housing-PC-GF30, Protection cage-SUS316L
  • LED Color : Red-R Amber-A Green-G Blue-B
  • Volume : MAX.118dB/m
  • Certificate : CE, KR, KIMM
  • Protection class : IP66


Product Specification

Model Built-in Sound Voltage Current Weight Flashes Color
   QJCD-P3L-WS-DC      WS-5 Warning
Max. 1.3A
   60~80/min       Red Amber Green
   QJCD-P3L-WS-AC  AC110V~AC250V
Max. 0.35A

Sound Tone Combination of Standard Product

Main Built-in Sounds Sound Tone Volume
Emergency WA-U(YELP)Sound
Ambulance PI-PO(HI-LOW)Sound
Machinery Fault
High-Expansion Foam Release
MAX 118dB
Abandon Alarm
Machunery Fault
High-Expansion Foam Release
General Alarm-Long PI after 7 Short PI
MAX 118dB
WM Sweet Home
For Elise
Cuckoo Waltz
Piano Sonata
Turkish March
MAX 118dB
WA Beep. intermittent
Door Chime
Phone Ring Sound
PI.PI.PI.PI. Short Interval
Tripping Bead Sound
MAX 116dB
WV Custom made product MAX 113dB


Power Cable Entry

  • Using flexible connector or cable grand for vessel
  • Power cable entry size : PF 1/2
  • Size PF 3/4  is custom-made

Power Cable Connection

  • AC product : Connect regardness of polarity
  • DC product : Connect negative(-) into black line terminal


In case of custom-made LC type, power cable and signal line shall be out from the product

  • Power cable out from the product : UL1015-NO18(0.75sq) x 2c 400mm
  • Signal line out from the product : UL1007-NO.22(0.3sq) 400mm

Available Specification


WM DC10V ~ DC50V R
Model Sound tone Rated Voltage Color


               WS(Warning sound)
WP(SP Warning sound)
          DC10V ~ DC50V




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