SJL LED Steady/Flashing Tower Signal Lights

Tower LED Steady/Flashing Sigbal Light with Semi-Permanent Lifespan of Light Source

External Diameter :
Ø90mm Max.90dB
Height :
Voltage :
  • Cubic tower LED steady/flashing signal light which is comprised of brilliant rectangular cases
  • Possible to select steady or flashing layer by layer
  • Semi-Permanent lifespan of light source and suitable for the machines having lots of vibration and impact
  • Possible to catch several signals at a time and make signals separate
  • Superior light emiting effection by employing special LED radiation system
  • Volume(Buzzer Built-in Type) : Max 90dB/m (2 Buzzer Sound Type is custom made)
  • Standard Color(Other color combinations are custom made)
    1 Layer :  R-Red
    2 Layers :  R-Red,  G-Green
    3 Layer :  R-Red,  A-Amber,  G-Green
  • Flashes(Flashing Type) : 60~80/min
  • Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS, Reflector-Heat Resistant ABS
  • Protection Class : IP44


Product Specification

Model Layer Rated Voltage Current Weight Flashes Color
                SJL   1


     0.140A      0.51Kg   60~80/min       R-Red


     0.120A      0.51Kg


     0.048A      0.93Kg


     0.024A      0.93Kg


     0.280A      0.74Kg       R-Red


     0.240A      0.74Kg


     0.056A      0.74Kg


     0.028A      1.13Kg


     0.420A      1.13Kg       R-Red


     0.360A      1.09Kg


     0.064A      1.33Kg


     0.032A      1.33Kg


  • AC Product
    Power Line :  UL1015-NO.18 (0.75sq) x 2C 400mm
    Signal Line :  UL1007-NO.22 (0.3sq) 400mm
  • DC Product
    Power Line & Signal Line out from the product : UL1007-NO.22(0.3sq)
    Black common line is Negative(-). But, wire without polarity because bridge circuit is built-in.


  • AC110V/AC220V Dual Voltage Product – Custom Made
    In Case of Using AC110V : Wire Black-White Line
    In Case of Using AC220V : Wire Black-Red Line

Wiring Diagram


Available Specification

SJL 3 (BZ) 220 RAG
Model Layer Buzzer Voltage Color
               SJL            1-1 Layers
2-2 Layers
3-3 Layers

-With Buzzer



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