S80SOL (Ø80mm) Solar Rechargeable LED Flashing Signal Light

Ø80mm Solar Cell Type LED Flashing Light, 30 Hours Operating by One Recharging

External Diameter :
Height :
  • Solar cell type LED flashing light of high brightness which requires neither power supply nor wiring
  • A system that automaticall detects the condition of darkening
  • Lens Color :  R-Red,  A-Amber
  • 30 hours operating by recharging one time(Rechargeable Battery is built-in)
  • Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS, Reflector-Heat Resistant ABS
  • Certificate : CE
  • Protection Class : IP54


Product Specification

Model Battery Voltage Battery Capacity Operating Time without Recharging Weight Flashes
      S80SOL       2.4V     0.7AH              30H     0.27Kg  60~80/min.


  • SOL Series has transparent water-proof cover is additionally installed to protect the
    solar cell from dust, moisture and etc. The cover also improves the
    effectiveness of battery recharging and extends the self-life..



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