QEL LED Light Bars for Distribution Panel

  • Wide direct light distribution for high illumination in the distribution panel
  • Options for operation are power line threading type, terminal box equipped type, on-off switch equipped type
  • LED direct AC connect system, no need other power device
  • Adopts constant current circuit for stable illumination in unstable power
  • 4 kinds of products length 200/300/400/500mm for each condition
  • Removable mount bracket that adjust mount distance
  • Certificates : CE, KC Compliant


Optics specifications
Model QEL-200 QEL-300 QEL-400 QEL-500
Lens color Translucent Translucent Translucent Translucent
Light color(Standard) Cooldaylight
Color temperature(Standard) 6,000-7,000K
Luminous flux DC 254lm 383lm 509lm 606lm
AC 268lm 384lm 479lm 575lm
(at 1m)
DC 80Lux 120Lux 160Lux 200Lux
AC 85Lux 120Lux 150Lux 190Lux
Model QEL-200 QEL-300 QEL-400 QEL-500
Rated voltage DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V
AC110V/ AC220V AC110V/ AC220V AC110V/ AC220V AC110V/ AC220V
Range for operation voltage DC21.5V-26.5V/ AC198V-245V
Current 0.145A 0.215A 0.285A 0.358A
0.196A/ 0.095A 0.202A/ 0.098A 0.206A/ 0.100A 0.216A/ 0.105A
Power consumption 3.5W 5W 7W 8.5W
4W/ 3.5W 5.5W/ 5.5W 7W/ 7W 8.5W/ 8W
Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ(500V DC mega ohm meter)
Withstanding voltage DC: 500V AC, 60Hz, 1minute / AC: 1,500V AC, 60Hz, 1minute
Operating temperature -30℃ to +50℃
Waterproof NonWater-proof
Materials Lens : PC, Side cover : ABS, Bracket : STS201
Weight(approx.) 0.08kg 0.10kg 0.13kg 0.15kg
0.10kg 0.12kg 0.15kg 0.17kg


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