QM M40 Magnetic Switch

Magnetic Switch

Protection sturucture :

  • Having a material of aluminum die cast housing, this item provides long mechanical lifespan and excellent corrosion, and light  weight  makes easy to work.
  • the direction of magnetic force is vertical, so no need  to work double operation of  reed switch
  • It has a blackout curtain against the magnetic force, the operating interval of the switch is short, and prevent malfunction.
  • When using a continuous section, this item has excellent features.
  • Excellent durability and insulation by using efoxy insulator.
  • Water-froof type, Dust-froof type (IP67)
  • This item can be replaced with the limit switch from a well used place


Product Specification

Protection Class IP67
Mechanical Lifespan over 500,000 times
Electrical Lifespan
Allowable Operating Frequency Mechanical
Insulation Resistance over 100MΩ (DC 500V)
Contact Resistance under 25mΩ
withstand voltage between non-continuous terminal
between each terminal and non-conducting metal part
shock resistance durability AC1000V (50/60Hz per 1 min)
malfunction AC2000V (50/60Hz per 1 min)
vibration 50~2000Hz 20g
ambient operating-temperature range – 10~+55℃
ambient operating-humidity range under 45~85%RH
Operating Characteristics

OF max.g : 1.96
RF min.g : 0.49
PT : 9.19
MD max : 2.85
TT min : 7.34
ACTUTOR : undefined
형번 : undefined
O.F max.N : undefined
R.F min.N : unde
rated voltage
non-inductive load
inductive load(A)
resistance load lamp load inductive load motor load
normal shut normal open normal shut normal open normal shut normal open normal shut normal open
Inrush Current normal shut
normal shut
Ambient Operating-temperature Range
Ambient Operating-humidity Range


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