QTEXB Explosion Proof LED Tower Lights with Flame Proof Housing


  • xplosion proof LED tower lights with Ex dⅡC rating can be used in explosive gas environments
  • Excellent distance visibility by using a special reflector to aggregate the light from the LED filament
  • Ø80 LED tower light mounted inside the flame proof housing
  • Aluminum housing provides excellent durability
  • Long-lasting high intensity LED light source
  • Terminal box located inside the housing for easy power wiring
  • Direct mount type and wall mount type available depending on application needs
  • Flashing rate: 60-80 flashes/min
  • Selectable between steady/flashing mode with proper wire arrangement
  • Explosion Proof LED tower lights with visual & audible signal that can be used in
    hazardous environments
  • Sound tone & volume : Siren buzzer, Max. 102dB at 1m
  • Lens color arrangement :  R-Red  A-Amber  G-Green  B-Blue  W-White
  • Standard housing color: Silver
  • Cable entry: 3/4″ NPT
  • Materials : Lens-Tempered glass, Filter lens-AS, Housing-Al, Reflector-Heat resistant ABS
  • Certificates : IECEx
  • Protection rating : Ex dⅡC T6 Gb, IP66
  • Ambient operating temperature : -40°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +60°C



Model number Layer Voltage Current Certificate Weight Color
1 DC12V 0.175A 4.11kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.134A 4.11kg
AC110V 0.077A 4.12kg
AC220V 0.054A 4.12kg
2 DC12V 0.240A 4.25kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.169A 4.25kg
AC110V 0.092A 4.26kg
AC220V 0.063A 4.26kg
3 DC12V 0.300A 4.41kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.199A 4.41kg
AC110V 0.106A 4.42kg
AC220V 0.071A 4.42kg
4 DC12V 0.360A 4.56kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.229A 4.56kg
AC110V 0.121A 4.57kg
AC220V 0.080A 4.57kg
5 DC12V 0.430A 4.71kg  R-Red
DC24V 0.259A 4.71kg
AC110V 0.135A 4.72kg
AC220V 0.088A 4.72kg


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