QWH35 Wall Mount Electric Horn


  • Signal fit for the specific environment and condition
  • Options to select between 31 special warning sounds included in the pre-recorded sound type and SDcard(MP3) type
  • Volume adjustment and sound selection switches located inside the unit. SDcard in the unit offers convenient operation
  • SDcard type allows the user to input the proper voice messages for specific operating conditions
  • The SDcard type 31 Special alarms built in which includes the voice alert from the SDcard (MP3). 31 special warning sounds are built both in pre-recorded sound type and SDcard type
  • Offers both Binary and Bit input mode options (only the SDcard type has the bit input)
  • Tightly sealed structure that blocks water and dust with IP66 protection rating suitable for outdoor installation
  • Can be used in extreme environmental conditions such as the arctic where temperatures can reach -50°C
  • Cable entry: PG 13.5
  • Materials : Horn-PC, Housing-ABS
  • Ambient operating temperature : -50°C to +60°C
  • Protection rating : IP66
  • Certificates : CE Compliant
  • Compliant with RoHS directive



Model number Voltage Current Volume Binary input
Certificates Weight
QWH35 DC12V-24V
Max. 0.800A
Max. 0.290A
• Special warning sound : 115dB
• MP3 sound : 113dB
Binary Input : 31Ch 0.9kg
QWH35SD Bit Input : 5Ch
(SDcard only)
Binary Input : 31Ch


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