SH6560S-FL Heavy-duty Limit Switch – Fork Roller Lever

Normal size Marine/Heavy-duty use Limit Switch – Fork Roller Lever

SH6560-RL Aluminum Housing
SH6560-RL Brass Housing

  • Heavy-duty, head and body are integrated.
  • As product has mechanical intensity, it absorbs flexibly unstable movements aplied by actuator and
    it performs steady operation.
  • Product of strong anti-corrosion by using stainless(SUS) bolts and nuts.
  • Suitable for overhead crane, large conveyor, large industrial machine, outdoor plant facilities.
  • SH6560S series is especially excellent anti-corrosion and flame-retardant, and it is suitble for such places as ship deck machine, harbor loading and unloading, and chemical factory where still exist the corrosive acid and alkaline gas.
  • Standard body color : MUNSELL NO. 2.0 (HA MA TON SILVER)
  • Material : Body -SH6560 : DIECAST AL, SH6560S : CAST BRASS
    Bolts & Nuts, Roller – SUS
  • Protection class : Water-proof, Oil-proof, Dust-proof (IP56)
  • Certificate : KIMM,
  • Custom-made for cold-proof type(-40℃~+40℃), heat-resisting type(+50℃~+120℃)
  • Protection sturucture :
  • Contact resistance :
    Fork Lever Lock


Product Specification

Protection Class IP56
Mechanical Lifespan over 400,000 times
Electrical Lifespan over 100,000 times
Allowable Operating Frequency Mechanical 120 times/min
Electrical 30 times/min
Insulation Resistance over 100MΩ (DC 500V))
Contact Resistance under 50mΩ
withstand voltage between non-continuous terminal AC1000V (50/60Hz per 1 min)
between each terminal and non-conducting metal part AC2000V (50/60Hz per 1 min)
shock resistance durability about 1000m/s²(100G)
malfunction about 300m/s²(30G)
vibration 10-55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm
ambient operating-temperature range – 10~+55℃
ambient operating-humidity range 45~85% RH

Operating characteristics

OF max.g : 1,420
RF min.g : 60˚
O.T min : 30˚


SH6560-FL about 0.80 Kg
SH6560S-FL about 1.93 Kg


  1. The size allowance not indicated on the above is ±0.4mm.
  2. In case the product is installed outdoor or for water-proof use, please use water-proof connector or cable gland.
  3. Keep the cable entry airtight by using water-proof cap in case it is contemporary installed outdoor without using water-proof connector or cable gland.
  4. Power entry standard: PF1/2


rated voltage
non-inductive load
inductive load(A)
resistance load lamp load inductive load motor load
normal shut normal open normal shut normal open normal shut normal open normal shut normal open
AC 125 10 3 1.5 10 5 2.5
250 6 2 1 10 3 1.5
480 2 1.5 0.8 3 1.5 0.8
DC 8 10 6 3 6 6
14 10 6 3 6 6
30 6 4 3 4 4
125 0.8 0..2 0.2 0.8 0.2
250 0.4 0.1 0.1 0.4 0.1
Inrush Current normal shut maximum 20A
normal shut maximum 10A
Ambient Operating-temperature Range -10~+70℃(Not freezed))
Ambient Operating-humidity Range under 95%RH
1.Upper cost is based on the normal current.
2.inductive load rate is over 0.4(an alternating current),under 7ms(a direct current)
3.lamp load has 10 times inrush current.
4.motor load current has 6 times inrush current.

Circuit system

Contact Point 2CKT-DB(double 2 circuits)



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